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We create clothes


We are vegans, so you won’t find any suede jacket or nubuck pumps there.

And although our ideology is firm as the nipple in the freezing cold, our gift for persuasion is rubbish as we’re even not able to convince our parents in magical powers of artichoke. So expect no holy war there.

We don’t give a shit about seasonality: if we have inspiration, then the clothes collection will appear. Don’t be surprised by the arctic sweatshirt in July.  

We are the followers of the idea to control the process and quality – so no remote production with wide spread approach of ’20 cents for an item’. There is no cheap stuff.

No matter if you’re a Buddhist or confirmed right-wing fighter – anyway, 10% of our profit we’ll donate to charity. It means that by making your purchase here, you get yourself a bit closer to Nirvana, Valhalla – or whatever you believe in.


Women collection


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